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Honda's sexy CR-V

Most people don't use SUVs for off-roading, but rather as a statement of individuality

Honda Reviews | 30 Mar 2002

Aero Dynamic

Christopher Tan cuts through traffic like butter in a Saab 250hp 9-5 Aero, and lives to file this tale

Saab Reviews | 23 Mar 2002

A Grade A for Audi's effort

The A4 is now a gem of a car with its Turbo and Multitronic combination

Audi Reviews | 2 Mar 2002

E is for exhilarating AT LAST

It could be Mercedes' best E-class yet in Valencia, Spain

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 2 Mar 2002

The comeback of the Maybach

After being extinct for more than half a century

Others Reviews | 2 Mar 2002

Smooth operator but no leader

Toyota's Camry meets its rivals' high standards as an executive sedan, but does not top the class

Toyota Reviews | 16 Feb 2002

Turbo engine bugs new Beetle

Costing just below $100,000 with COE, the new 1.6-litre Beetle is the cheapest Volkswagen you can buy here, undercutting the Golf 1.6 by more than $10,000

Volkswagen Reviews | 16 Feb 2002

Not just an offroader

Volkswagen's new luxury SUV, Touareg, is equally adept on the road or off it, says SAMUEL EE, who tested it in the Pyrenees

Volkswagen Reviews | 14 Feb 2002

Baby of the family grows up

Lexus' original bread and butter executive sedan, the ES 300, has been recast as an LS 430 with an emphasis to pamper

Lexus Reviews | 12 Jan 2002

On Cloud 911 with unlimited budget

Porsche's 911 Turbo is designed to flatter its driver, while the GT2 unlocks the magic missing from the former

Porsche Reviews | 22 Dec 2001