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It's very pretty and it's fun

The Peugeot 206 1.4 is recommended for those who appreciate a car with the simple, yet rare, virtues of responsive steering and sweet handling

Peugeot Reviews | 22 Jul 2000

Have a Seat, it sure looks great

The Toledo is a VW Bora in disguise and offers a good blend of style and safety with reasonable performance

Others Reviews | 15 Jul 2000

Pat Boone fans need not apply

Pretty styling, ride comfort and eager handling are still part of the Peugeot 406. After a facelift, it is still a fine car. It just needs a better gearbox

Peugeot Reviews | 8 Jul 2000

As curvy as Dolly Parton

Toyota's new front-wheel drive Previa has enough size and power to haul up to eight people around in comfort, with bulges in all the right places, too

Toyota Reviews | 1 Jul 2000

This one's for a VIP in a hurry

Japan's New Car Of The Year, Nissan's Brougham, boasts design featuring a curious mix of sharp edges and curves

Nissan Reviews | 24 Jun 2000

Have fun with this perky pug

Peugeot 206 GTi

Peugeot Reviews | 17 Jun 2000

Heart transplant gives the Renault Clio new zest

Besides a new 16v engine, it has goodies not found in other cars within its bargain territory

Renault Reviews | 3 Jun 2000

Watch this Griffin take off

This Saab will show some pricier luxury cars what a turbocharged Griffin's rear looks like

Saab Reviews | 3 Jun 2000

Executive express with style

After a long gestation period, Alfa Romeo has produced a sporty saloon with a sleek, aerodynamic profile and muscular flanks

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 20 May 2000

Dirty torque

Black tie or black leather, whatever the pleasure, Christopher Tan recommends Mitsubishi's latest adventure

Mitsubishi Reviews | 19 May 2000