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Red hot chilli pepper

Christopher Tan, who was in Spain to test the Porsche Cayenne, found that hail and rain couldn't dampen its fiery spirit

Porsche Reviews | 30 Nov 2002

MPV that thinks it's a hatchback

Nippy and poised, the compact-looking Peugeot 307 SW actually seats seven and gives them a good ride

Peugeot Reviews | 23 Nov 2002

How Swede it is

Saab's new 9-3 jumps squarely into the executive sedan compact sector, where the likes of the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series do battle

Saab Reviews | 16 Nov 2002

It is Jazz huge in there

The Honda Jazz's fuel tank is placed under the front passengers and tall people never get that knees-around-the-ears feeling. Its other trump card is its folding rear seats

Honda Reviews | 2 Nov 2002

Hyundai Getz you more for less

With its emphasis on European design and concepts, the Getz is roomy and refined for someone with a tight budget

Hyundai Reviews | 26 Oct 2002

Relish that Boxed-in feeling

It's difficult to improve on something near-perfect, so the 2003 Porsche Boxster gets some cosmetic tweaks and a few more horses to play around with

Porsche Reviews | 28 Sep 2002

Renault Clio shows how to get more from less

Dropping 200 cc actually makes it more fun to drive

Renault Reviews | 21 Sep 2002

Rocket on board

It might look boxy, but the Dion Turbo can leave many cars looking slow

Mitsubishi Reviews | 21 Sep 2002

Beefed-up Impreza for country roads

The new Subaru Forester could run rings round other Sport Utility Vehicles

Subaru Reviews | 7 Sep 2002

Revisiting an old fling

Same girl, new clothes; but the Lotus Elise looks sleeker and meaner with a stylish interior

Lotus Reviews | 31 Aug 2002