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Mercedes-Benz CLA: Beauty with some brawn

The Mercedes-Benz CLA200, with its 1,332cc engine, delivers reasonable pace with minimal fuss when unhurried

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 19 Aug 2019

Music to the ears

Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door has a delightful soundtrack to go with its sporty performance and day-to-day usability

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 19 Aug 2019

Range Rover Sport 3.0: Heart of a racer

Range Rover Sport HST's first inline-six engine raises the car's appeal

Land Rover Reviews | 19 Aug 2019

Beemer with the X factor

ith a 3.1m wheelbase, the BMW X7 accommodates three rows of seats. Unlike most three-row cars, it has a decent amount of stowage even when all seats are in use

BMW Reviews | 13 Aug 2019

Hyundai's i30N Performance Pack is packed with thrills

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then the Hyundai i30N is possibly the biggest tribute to the Volkswagen Golf GTI

Hyundai Reviews | 13 Aug 2019

Silence is golden

Changes allow the Audi A4 to better compete with the face-lifted Mercedes C-class and the new BMW 3-series

Audi Reviews | 5 Aug 2019

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S: Steely core, softer touch

Porsche's new 911 offers supercar-rivalling performance and saloon-equalling comfort

Porsche Reviews | 5 Aug 2019

Twin peaks

Porsche places its Cayman GT4 and Spyder on the same performance pedestal

Porsche Reviews | 5 Aug 2019

High-tech Seat

The Spanish carmaker's Tarraco SUV is equipped with technology more commonly found in costlier cars

Others Reviews | 5 Aug 2019

60 years of Mini: Cooper S is polished and youthful

Mini has matured well since its birth in 1959, and the Cooper S 60 Years Edition is proof of that

MINI Reviews | 29 Jul 2019