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Plan for centre to test trains without disrupting services

Ready around 2022, it will allow robust testing of new trains away from the operational lines

Motoring News | 25 Apr 2019

SBS Transit and SMRT extend train, bus services on eve of Labour Day

Operation hours for the Downtown Line, North East Line and some bus services will be extended on the eve of Labour Day

Motoring News | 25 Apr 2019

About 1/3 of pollutive motorcycles deregistered

Incentive scheme affects 27,000 motorbikes, but some owners hold on to vintage models

Motoring News | 23 Apr 2019

NEA not ready to announce plans for expiring car emissions scheme

Singapore has been using a taxation strategy to encourage cleaner cars here since 2001

Motoring News | 22 Apr 2019

City streets to look brighter with 25,000 LED lamps

Islandwide replacement of street lamps with 110,000 energy-savers to be done by 2022

Motoring News | 21 Apr 2019

Must-have Mustang

Ford's iconic coupe is more polished and engaging after facelift

Car Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

BMW's new 3-series: Three's a crowd pleaser

BMW's new 3-series may not drive as brilliantly as its predecessors, but it is a lot of car for the buck

Car Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

Economy of Scala

With plenty of space, equipment and usability, the Scala again demonstrates Skoda's ability to offer good value

Car Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

Classier CLA: New Mercedes-Benz is better-looking and has a smaller engine

New Mercedes-Benz CLA200 is better-looking and has a smaller engine and highly interactive multimedia system

Car Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

Fewer car COEs for May-July period

But margin of fall, 9.5%, is much smaller than the 20% dip some industry players expected

Motoring News | 19 Apr 2019