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Harder now for those under 16 to buy PMDs

27 major retailers of PMDs have pledged action, including restricting sales to those under 16, to help ease concerns over the devices and their usage.

Motoring News | 10 Oct 2019

Bus, train fares to rise by 7%

Bus and train fares will rise by 7% from 28 December, although the hike will be cushioned for more than 50% of Singaporeans who enjoy concessionary fares.

Motoring News | 9 Oct 2019

PMD ban may be hard to enforce

A complete ban on personal mobility devices is possible but would be difficult to enforce because of their widespread use.

Motoring News | 8 Oct 2019

Torrential Taycan: Porsche's first modern electric car

Porsche's electric grand tourer sets itself apart with its insane output and traditional driving values

Car Reviews | 5 Oct 2019

Spruced up BMW X1

The BMW X1 drives well with little body roll for an SUV and the steering is meaty with sufficient feedback

Car Reviews | 5 Oct 2019

Sengkang-Punggol LRT stations to close early, open later for urgent works after Tuesday disruptions

All Sengkang-Punggol LRT stations will close early on Friday night and open later on Saturday morning for urgent maintenance works

Motoring News | 4 Oct 2019

Singapore on track to service new trains

The LTA has announced that its contracts for new trains and railway systems will now ask suppliers to base servicing support in Singapore.

Motoring Guides | 3 Oct 2019

Malaysia halts enforcement of VEP at Johor checkpoints

Malaysia has halted the enforcement of its Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) at the two Johor checkpoints, following several teething problems last week.

Motoring News | 2 Oct 2019

Bedok residents want PMD use restricted or banned

A straw poll of 150 residents by The Straits Times found that 63 wanted PMDs to be banned, and 45 wanted them restricted to those with trouble getting around.

Motoring News | 30 Sep 2019

Road accidents involving pedestrians aged over 60 rose in first half of 2019

More pedestrians aged 60 and above were involved in road accidents and died in the first six months of this year compared to 2018.

Motoring News | 29 Sep 2019