As announced previously, the LTA will be implementing more Walk Cycle Ride projects so as to support more sustainable travel patterns.
Pedestrianisation of Kampung Admiralty

As announced during Ministry of Transport's (MOT) Addendum to the President's Address in 2020, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be implementing more Walk Cycle Ride (WCR) projects.

This is part of efforts to re-imagine road infrastructure to support more sustainable travel patterns, taking into consideration the growing preferences for active modes such as walking and cycling. LTA has been exploring potential locations where road lanes can be repurposed for wider footpaths, pedestrianised streets or cycling paths.

An upcoming project is the partial pedestrianisation of Woodlands Ring Road, located between Woodlands Drive 63 and Drive 71 (adjacent to Kampung Admiralty).

The westbound lane of this road lane will be closed off starting from February 2021 so that nearby residents, as well as students from nearby schools - MINDS Woodlands Gardens School, Woodlands Ring Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as Spectra Secondary School - will have more space for walking and cycling.

This will also make access to Kampung Admiralty, Admiralty MRT station and other amenities more convenient for pedestrians. The eastbound road (towards Drive 63) will be converted to a bus-only road, for buses and emergency vehicles only.

In rolling out this project, LTA will engage the community, to seek feedback and suggestions. LTA will temporarily modify the road layout by placing water-filled barriers along the stretch of Woodlands Ring Road to close off the westbound road (towards Drive 71) from private vehicular traffic. Permanent infrastructural changes will be made in Phase 2, if public feedback is supportive of this project.

LTA will continue to study other suitable areas for road repurposing, to make public transport, walking and cycling more convenient and pleasant for Singaporeans.