ABT cranks up the style (and power) with its reworking of the Audi A6

Take a look at this Audi A6. Spot anything different about it? No? We didn’t think so.

It might look no different from a regular A6, but this particular one’s been given the full treatment by Audi tuning wizards, ABT, even down to the less visible bits.

At any rate, part of the reason it looks like it could have come from Audi’s factory itself is a testament to ABT’s skill at bodykit fitment. The true test of a bodykit, we think, isn’t how aggressive or outlandish it is, but the ability to look like it’s come straight off the original manufacturer’s assembly line.

Plus, the subtlety also dovetails nicely with the A6’s role as a rapid, smart executive conveyance, with the tuner’s branding kept to a minimum, beyond the badge nestled in the trademark singleframe grille and on the boot lid. The biggest clue to the AS6 not being your regular A6, and its increased performance potential might just be the oversized quad tailpipes peeking out from the rear bumper.

So for those more keen on “sleepers”, the ABT AS6 really fits the bill. Good thing it has the requisite muscle to back it up. The motor is mechanically identical to the one from the factory, namely a turbocharged 2-litre inline-4 with 180bhp, though with some massaging from the tuner, it now produces 60bhp more.

It should also be noted that the extra punch comes from an ECU refl ash, without having to resort to tweaking the engine’s internals. More of note is how there’s now 400Nm of torque available, 80Nm more than standard.

Helping put that extra power to the tarmac is a set of upsized wheels. These measure 20 inches in diameter and are shod with sticky 255-section Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tyres.

Naturally, ABT’s involvement campaigning A5s in the DTM touring car
series should mean that the tuner knows a thing or two about tweaking an engine for maximum performance (to say nothing of reliability). ABT, through offi cial dealer Autovox, offers a five-year/100,000km warranty on all products (including complete cars) sold via the latter.

And because of that involvement, one might say that ABT knows something about aerodynamics and handling, too. The former is provided courtesy of certain elements of the aforementioned bodykit. It features a deep front spoiler with a split lip, and keeping things planted at the rear is a subtle lip spoiler.

Reinforcing that latter point is a set of ABT lowering springs, which promises greater directional and high-speed stability. Plus, one can never place too much emphasis on a properly “stanced” car, while still keeping things subtle (and classy).

And that is just about what ABT’s AS6 is all about – the perfect blend of classiness and power. It hides its light under a bushel, and is all the better for it.