EastGear's latest personal navigation device features upgraded Galactio software with an almost Google-strength search bar
HoluxS TrackNavi 62S

Traffic aware routing

Getting stuck in a jam burns up costly fuel. Using live traffic data, this device alerts you to slowdowns and can figure out another route, which may be longer, but will save you time and fuel.

If traffic comes to a standstill - as in an incident that affects all lanes - the rerouting is done automatically. This function may reduce aggravation and add days to your life.

RDS TMC receiver

This is an FM radio antenna which plucks data, such as live traffic information, off what is encoded in radio broadcasts. This ramps up the usefulness of the device.

The live data is curated by Singapore-based traffic specialist, Quantum Invention, which uses the actual speed of vehicles on the road and other sources.

Live carpark info

Approach a destination in town and a window will pop up showing the availability of parking spaces by colour - green, amber and red - at your destination and also the carparks nearby.

Tap on a symbol for a particular carpark and its rates will be displayed.

This is the second way in which this navigation device can help you save money.

ERP charges

When it calculates your routing, the device displays the total ERP toll charges which will be incurred. Choose 'Toll Avoidance' to change your route to avoid all gantries, if possible, without regard to the extra distance you will have to travel because of the detour.

A new option is 'Lowest Toll'. This will plot a route with some detours to avoid the heavier tolls. A third way to save bucks.


Heavy-duty smarts went into simplifying this search. Search data such as postal codes, street addresses and points of interest are usually kept in separate databases and each uses a different search bar.

Not here. One search nabs them. Save time and effort as the machine can predict what you are searching for. Start with 'Kang' for ' Choa Chu Kang' and it still works. Simply smart.