Grab will start charging an additional $0.30 as a platform fee for all its ride services, except for GrabHitch and GrabResponse.
Grab to implement $0.30 platform fee starting 18 December 2020

Ride-hailing firm Grab will start charging a platform fee of $0.30 for rides booked through its platform from 18 December 2020. The fee is inclusive of goods and services tax, and will apply to all Grab rides except those from the GrabHitch and GrabResponse services.

It is the first such move by the firm to adjust the prices of its ride-hailing offerings after the competition watchdog - Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) - lifted restrictions on it in November.

Grab said on its website that the platform fee will go towards "funding initiatives that will make rides better, safer and more secure" for both passengers and its drivers. It added that two-thirds of the fee will be used to improve safety and security, among other things.

The remaining one-third of the fee will go towards initiatives to support drivers, which include benefits and training allowances.

"The platform fee (sometimes known as a service fee) is an industry-standard fee that many online platforms, such as delivery services, ride-hailing companies and vacation rental sites, impose for the usage of their platform/service," said Grab.

Its main ride-hailing competitor in Singapore, Gojek, introduced a platform fee of $0.70 in March. Grab had earlier introduced a $0.20 platform fee for its food delivery service as well. It had been unable to go ahead with a similar fee for its ride-hailing services because of restrictions imposed by the CCCS in 2018.

Grab faced extensive restrictions after it infringed rules that prohibit mergers that could significantly reduce competition in any market here, through its merger with Uber. But the CCCS said last month that it lifted the restrictions following the introduction of a new point-to-point transport regulatory framework.