No Formula One stars in sight

A FORMULA One counter at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport?

While heading towards the immigration counters at the airport on Wednesday, the Timesport team of Ernest Luis and James Croucher spotted a sign that read "Formula One counter for Formula One participants".

They thought they would be lucky enough to spot Malaysian Grand Prix favourites Michael Schumacher or Mika Hakkinen lining up and join them in the special queue. So they headed for the counter ... only to find a couple of bespectacled senior citizens clutching their China passports tightly.

Red is for Ferrari, not Man United

RED stands for motor racing, not football. Since Kuala Lumpur has been hit by Grand Prix fever this weekend, red now stands for Ferrari, not Manchester United, the English football champion.

Mention Man United and you will get tired looks. Mention Ferrari though and the ice will be broken while your new-found friend may just buy you a drink and start rambling on about Germans, red cars and prancing horses.

Singaporean seen in home jersey

SWOP that red football jersey for that red Ferrari shirt. You know you have spotted a Singaporean when he wears the jersey of Home United, the recent Singapore Cup champion, in Kuala Lumpur.

It is red by the way, and such a fan was spotted heading to a counter selling Ferrari shirts outside a pub. Obviously, compared to Ferrari, a Home United jersey was not going to win him many friends, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

After all, the Malaysians will probably warm up to the mention of Michael Schumacher, not Egmar Goncalves.