New Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe promises a drive as delectable as it looks
Fast Lane - New C-class Coupe, Audi's e-crossover, Next Sportage crossover Mercedes- Benz C-class Coupe (above).PHOTOS: MERCEDES-BENZ, KIA, BMW, AUDI, SUZUKI

New C-class coupe

Here comes the new Mercedes- Benz C-class Coupe, promising a drive that is as delectable as its looks. One particular highlight is its long-drawn dropping line typical of a coupe. In contrast to the C-class sedan, the line extends further past the rear wheel arch.

To underscore the car's sporty disposition, the suspension is 15mm lower than that of the sedan. With an 80mm longer wheelbase, the C-class Coupe is 95mm longer and 40mm wider than its predecessor. This results in more space inside.

It is powered by engines ranging from a 156bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder to a 2-litre that makes 184bhp in the C200, 211bhp in the C250 and 245bhp in the C300.

There are two diesel models: a 170bhp and 204bhp, both with selective catalytic reduction exhaust gas after-treatment.

Audi’s e-crossover

Audi is planning an electric crossover that is expected to blow Tesla’s next Model X out of the water. The E-tron Quattro concept, which will be unveiled next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is said to boast a range of 500km per charge. That compares with Tesla’s stated limit of 430km for the Model X.

The concept is equipped with three electric motors and includes components at the front, side and rear to improve aerodynamics and extend the driving range. The E-tron concept is a precursor for an electric SUV that Audi plans to start producing in 2018. The Model X, however, is expected to be delivered from early next year.

Next Sportage crossover

Kia is set to unveil the next Sportage crossover at the Frankfurt Motor Show on Sept 15.

Sportier in design than ever before, and with an interior boasting class-leading quality, the fourth-generation Sportage is expected to  be an affordable alternative to sleek SUVs such as the Range Rover Evoque and Porsche Macan.

Special BMW model

The BMW M4 GTS is a production-ready concept that is expected to heat up road and track. It continues the tradition of BMW M3 special models, such as the BMW M3 Evolution (1988), BMW M3 Sport Evolution  (1990), BMW M3GT(1995), BMW M3CSL (2003), BMW M3 GTS (2010) and BMWM3CRT(2011).

It gets loads of technology, a healthy boost in power and a body as light as practicable.

Most powerful DB9

Aston Martin has unveiled its new DB9 GT, the most potent DB9 yet. Its up-rated 6-litre V12 makes 540bhp  and 620Nm, allowing the grand tourer to hit 100kmh in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 295kmh. Wearnes  Automotive, the new Aston Martin agent for Singapore, expects the model to arrive next year.

Wearnes’ new  franchise will start operating from Sept 1 and its new showroom will be ready in October.

Super saloon

Behold the Audi S8 plus, a super saloon powered by a 4-litre V8 that makes 605bhp and 750Nm – the most  available to any Audi today. With 293bhp per tonne of body weight, the S8 plus also has the highest power to- weight ratio among premium sports sedans. Shod with 21-inch alloys, it hits 100kmh in just 3.8 seconds,  making it quicker than many sports cars. Top speed is 303kmh.

Fuel-saving Baleno

Suzuki’s new Baleno will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It will feature Suzuki’s freshly developed 1-litre direct-injection turbocharged engine that saves fuel while delivering driving pleasure. The car is also said to be lighter than its predececssor. There are, however, no firm plans for it to be made available in Singapore yet.