Avoid succumbing to these common forms of distraction during the course of driving to prevent any mishaps from plaguing and marring your otherwise perfect day
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Many drivers may not readily admit it, but the fact is that most of us do indeed suffer from a host of distractions while out driving on the roads. These distractions are never positive or benign, and may even result in dire consequences such as death itself. Recognition of these various distractions is the quintessential first step towards learning how to truly mould oneself into a conscientious driver.

Distraction #1: Using mobile phones while driving

The use of mobile phones while driving is arguably one of the most notorious distractions of all time. This is highly worrying and the situation looks set to worsen further thanks to the advent of smart phone technology.

A considerably large proportion of drivers have no qualms with regards to answering a phone call or replying a text message during the course of driving. This creates a dangerous window of chance for grievous accidents to occur. When the individual’s attention is diverted away from the road, other vehicles may end up colliding into his or her car. This is especially true in the event of a moving vehicle. Accidents involving pedestrians may happen as well if one is careless and reckless in this aspect.

As such, it is highly advisable to invest in a proper handset, which will allow the driver to answer phone calls while on the go without having to physically hold the mobile phone. Of course, with all that being said, please also refrain from using the hands-free handset if you are not adept at multi-tasking!

Distraction #2: Passenger distraction

Most of you may not realise it, but one of the biggest distractions while on the road could very well be the passengers onboard the vehicle!

As a passenger in the car, it is his or her duty to make sure the driver is driving in the right direction safely, and definitely not to cause any form of distraction to the said driver. Talking incessantly or exciting the driver is just but one of the many negative things that a passenger may unknowingly commit.

Distraction #3: Radio distraction

In the very same line of logic, the car radio set can pose a serious problem if one is not careful. Think about it, an excessively loud radio blaring music tunes non-stop will definitely avert the driver’s attention. Refrain from turning the radio if you are not capable of multi-tasking well, or set the sound volume to a relatively softer level in order to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

Distraction #4: Off-road distractions

Distractions that are often overlooked as dangerous are things such as off-road billboard advertisements on buildings or even mobile advertisements on vehicles such as buses.

Truth be told, the whole idea of advertising is to catch the individual’s eye and capture his or her attention. However, when the advertising effect works too well it can be highly detrimental to the safety of the driver and passengers in the car. For all you hot-blooded individuals out there, do also keep your roving eyes in check and firmly on the traffic situations especially when you happen to chance upon a good-looking pedestrian or fellow road user!

All in all, the list of distractions is definitely non-exhaustive and very much unlimited. Whatever it is, it is highly imperative for the driver to keep his undivided attention focused on the road and nothing else. Half-hearted driving endangers not only the person behind the wheel, but other road users and pedestrians as well!

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