Don't know what to buy this Christmas for the car nut you know? Depending on your budget, you can pick one of the following gifts from $60 to $6,600
Christmas deals for your set of wheels Rike Cool window film

Bosch bulbs, from $60

A new range of after-market car light bulbs from Bosch will literally brighten up your life.

The Euro Bright and Plus (+) White series for headlamps are halogen bulbs with superior brightness and excellent lifespan. By producing white light - which is brighter than the usual yellow light from most car headlamps not of the xenon variety - they offer enhanced visibility and hence, better safety.

Visibility is improved when driving at night and during poor weather conditions because of the high contrast illumination from the bulbs. There is a very slight colour difference between Euro Bright and Plus (+) White because the former was developed for Continental cars and the latter for Japanese. But actually, both are interchangeable. They are also easily retrofitted and conform to Land Transport Authority (LTA) rules.

For more info, contact UTS Automotive, tel 6844-2161

Rike Cool window film, $950

With such a wide range of automotive solar film brands on the market - some as low as $150 - it can be difficult to choose one which offers both good value and effective protection.

But Rike Cool has something which promises to be a good combination of price and performance. Its $950 'high performance film package' for a car like a Mercedes-Benz E-Class combines its RC 85 high-end film in front (windscreen and two front windows) with darker-tint RC 63 at the rear to comply with the LTA's rules on visible light transmission.

Rike Cool says the main advantage of its Japan-made film is its ability to filter out a high percentage of infrared light but at the same time, allow low light reflection. In other words, the film is able to prevent much of the solar heat from entering the cabin without being heavily tinted.

For more info, contact Rike Cool on tel 6297-2422

Alpine AV system with reverse camera, $2,500

Make those Christmas carols come to life on your car hi-fi with an Alpine set.

Start with a double-din DVD audio/video player (model IVA-W200E) with integrated 6.5-inch touch display ($2,000). Apart from watching music videos or movies, this versatile media centre also connects to an iPod, rear parking camera ($500) or Bluetooth hands-free adapter for wireless mobile communication. For a little more clarity to better appreciate that angelic chorus, the Alpine Type-X range of speakers is a good upgrade for any sound system. Designed to fit easily into standard factory speaker locations, it will add depth and sound definition.

To crank up the sound pressure, opt for any of the new Power Density Digital Amplifiers from Alpine. Sporting a footprint less than 30 per cent of a conventional power amplifier, these Alpine power amps can also be stacked together for ease of installation.

For more info, contact Wo Kee Hong Distribution on tel 6376-0338

CarWorks auto detailing, $6,600

It may be a mere wax and polish job for some but at CarWorks, the process is considered cleansing, feeding and purifying the car. At these prices, it had better be.

Director Lionel Chew says he offers a 'holistic' service for those who want their cars to look better than new. And CarWorks specialises only in new cars. 'We are in preventive rather than restorative work,' he says.

Most of his customers drive 'high-end cars'. Although there are packages which start from $1,900 for a mid-sized car like a BMW 5 Series, the one with six major and six minor grooming sessions at $6,600 is the most popular for its combination of detailed 'craftsmanship' and maintenance work using natural products. Or plumb for the month-long director's session at $15,000.

For more info, contact CarWorks on tel 6294-0600