Here are some tips before you take the plunge and buy a car
Buying A Car For First Timers

Buying a car may be a lifestyle decision in several but buying a car in Singapore is always a mind-boggling issue, a decision that is difficult to make.

The first decision to make is deciding what car model will serve your needs. Do you need to have a MPV to ferry your large family around? Do you prefer an automatic car or a manual transmission?

Secondly, you will have to look at your budget, and decide if you will be getting a new or used car. Used cars which are less than 2 years old can often be 20-30% cheaper than new cars of the same model. Owning a car in Singapore is expensive. Other than COE costs, the motorist has to also consider the road tax, ERP, Petrol, Parking and other maintenance costs. Make sure that you set aside a budget for these costs.

There are perks to owning a car, of course. Convenience is at hand and there is no need to ask for lifts from family and friends all the time. You can have peace of mind as reliance on public transport nowadays can be a let-down. There will be no need to squeeze like packed sardines on trains and buses during peak hours, not to mention the recent spates of SMRT train delays in the recent months, resulting in thousands of people being late for school and work.

If you have decided to get a new car, head down to Leng Kee road, where you can find plenty of new car showrooms for Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Hyundai, etc.

If you intend to purchase a used car through a car dealer, your car dealer should take care of the paperwork for you. You can also browse to look for available used cars of your choice, before heading down to the car dealers.

Buying your first car is exciting, and should be a pleasant experience, like many firsts in life. Check the flowchart below to make your first car purchase a seamless one.

Buying A Car In Singapore

What Do I Want?

  • Used Cars
  • New Cars
  • Different models/colours of cars

Things You Should Know Before Ownership Of A Car

  • Cost of the Car
  • Car Loan
  • LTA Policies and Schemes
  • Motor Insurance

How To Get A Car?

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