Mod fans should check out YHI's new Advanti Centre, which promises to be the enthusiast's one-stop shop for tyres, wheels and auto accessories
Automobile Tuning Getaway YHI Advanti Centre PHOTO: TORQUE

Tuning enthusiasts are a hard-to-please bunch. They seek only the best for their beloved rides and won’t hesitate to selfimport the necessary item if it’s unavailable here in Singapore. Apart from budget constraints (few owners can actually afford to modify their whole car at one go), sourcing for parts is another reason vehicle tuning can be a lengthy process.

One of the simplest aftermarket upgrades that keen drivers initially go for is upsizing their original wheels and tyres, with the aim of improving both aesthetics and dynamics. Of course, this is only possible if the rims are lighter and the rubber around.

YHI Corporation is trying to cater to this segment of motorists with its new Advanti Centre, which aims to be a one-stop shop for petrolheads’ tuning needs. Located within the YHI headquarters at 2 Pandan Road, the Advanti Centre offers customers a variety of wheels and tyres within its 7,000 sq ft showroom.

YHI, best known as Yokohama tyres’ official distributor in Singapore, also sells alloy wheels from Enkei and OZ, as well as its own Advanti Racing brand. Complementing these shiny spinners is a selection of tyre brands that includes Neuton, Achilles and Roadstone. Roadstone is actually made and exported by Nexen Tyre, which is based in South Korea.
N-LIGHTENED Nblue Eco’s high levels of silica compound reduce rolling resistance, while straight-line grooves improve traction on wet roads
Designed to provide enhanced grip and stopping power in both dry and wet conditions is the Roadstone N8000, a sports tyre that features stiffer shoulder blocks compared to comfort tyres, for higher cornering stability. Motorists interested in decreasing their fuel consumption, on the other hand, could check out the Roadstone Nblue Eco, a tyre that could improve fuel efficiency with its lowrolling resistance.

Aside from offering snazzy rims, the Advanti Centre also has tyre-mounting, balancing and nitrogen-filling capabilities. Other useful services offered include the changing of brake pads, along with the installation of new batteries.

Modifying one's car could easily turn out to be a perpetual endeavour, but having automobile tuning gateways such as the Advanti Centre can defi nitely help expedite the ride-pimping experience.