This month, we uncover five things about Mercedes-Benz AdBlue - an innovative fluid injected into the exhaust system that makes the diesel engine cleaner
April 2014: Five things you didn't know about Mercedes-Benz AdBlue PHOTO:

The breakthrough in Mercedes-Benz BLUETEC technology is an innovative diesel exhaust fluid called AdBlue. When injected into the exhaust, AdBlue introduces ammonia, which breaks down harmful nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and oxygen that we breathe. Here are five things you didn't know about it.

1. Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles using AdBlue are identified with the 'BLUETEC' symbol.

2. AdBlue is stored in a compact tank in the spare wheel recess, never coming into contact with diesel.

3. AdBlue may have a slightly pungent odour similar to that of ammonia but it is completely harmless.

4. On average, one litre of AdBlue should last around 1,000km. However, usage can be higher depending on how the vehicle is driven and the conditions that the vehicle is subjected to.

5. The standard nozzle diameter for dispensing AdBlue has been designed at 19mm versus the standard diesel fuel nozzle diameter which is 22mm. This is to ensure that diesel fuel is not pumped into the AdBlue tank. On the other hand, to avoid putting AdBlue into the fuel tank, AdBlue's automatic safety nozzle will only work in sync with a circular magnet found inside the neck of the AdBlue tank to open a valve for AdBlue to flow.