Aspire to be world's racing greats? Start from being humble go-karters.

HONGKONG - If you fancy yourself a formula racing driver in the making, then head for Hongkong's indoor go-karting mall.

Because all the world's racing greats - Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost and the late Ayrton Senna - had their start as humble go-karters before they graduated to the rarefied world of Formula One racing.

The Karting Mall, Hongkong's first, is located at the former Kai Tai airport.

It is a joint venture between Irish entrepreneur Peter Thompson and the Brands Hatch Leisure Group which, among other things, operates four racing circuits in England.

Costing US$6.2 million (S$10.9 million), the 100,000-sq-ft karting mall promises lots of thrills and spills for racing enthusiasts who want to burn up rubber but without accidents which could occur at racing circuits.

Mr Jackson Ho, president of the president of the Hongkong Automobile Association, hoped the mall would help reduce the number of illegal racing circuits on the roads.

Kart racers currently go to Shenzhen or Dongguan on the mainland and nearby Macau if they want to pursue their dream of becoming a Schumacher. - Loh Hui Yin.