The world of a Material Girl is all about quality versus quantity, and this also applies to cars
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To a child, size is an easily comprehensible yardstick. It is equated with fun and joy in the most innocent way (nothing like what those suggestive spam e-mails would have you think). Bigger is definitely better, whether it is a toy, the box it comes in, or a slice of yummy chocolate cake. Similarly, ask any kid to choose between having one toy or two, and I think we all know what his decision would be. It is the quantity that matters, never mind that it may mean getting two cheap toys over a single item that costs more than the two.

In the adult world, I wonder whether the same "childish" rules apply. For instance, if you had X dollars to spend on personal transport, would you buy just one expensive car from, say, a luxury marque, and with a big engine? Or would you split the budget between two less expensive cars from a less prestigious brand, and with smaller-capacity engines?

The same goes for bags and shoes. Would a lady rather have one Chanel classic flap bag over a Prada Gaufre fabric tote plus a Louis Vuitton Artsy MM, when both would add up to roughly the same price as the Chanel? Simply put, it is a matter of quality versus quantity.

Whichever bag rocks our boat, as we grow older and wiser, women like me realise that less could actually be more meaningful, and that bigger may not always be better. Back when we were young, it would have been difficult to hide our disappointment when presented with a small gift box, because it probably meant an equally small Lego set or Barbie dollhouse. Now, in our 20s and 30s, we girls get excited over small packages, for who knows, it could be a sparkling diamond ring or the keys to an equally shiny new car we’re getting.