Priced at just north of $5m, the Aston Martin One-77 is no ordinary super sports car
77 Heaven MASTER CRAFT: The entire interior looks like it was painstakingly carved out of a block of material that had been serendipitously composed of leather, aluminium, and carbon fibre

IT PROMISES to be Singapore’s most expensive sports car when registered, with an auspicious production number to tempt the potential buyer. The Aston Martin One-77 is a limited-edition series from the British luxury marque and a pre-production unit zipped into Singapore last weekend for a private viewing.

Only 77 cars will be built, with at least one unit – No 68 – allocated to the Singapore market, reveals Derek McCully, managing director of Aston Martin Lagonda (SEA) Pte Ltd.

Production has started and the first car will be delivered soon, priced at £1.05 million (S$2.17 million) in the UK. In Singapore, Mr McCully says the One-77 will cost “just over $5 million” here after registration taxes. An astronomical amount indeed but then, this is no ordinary super sports car.

The One-77 has a carbon fibre chassis with aluminium body panels. As a result, the kerb weight of this large two-seater coupé is only 1,630kg.

Its profile may remind you of contemporary models like the DB9 and DBS but from other angles, you will notice its pronounced Coke bottle shape. The extended wheel arches result in an extremely wide front and rear that are joined in the middle by a significantly narrower cabin.

The unusual proportions, together with the stunning nose that incorporates large air intakes flanking a gaping front grille, result in the One-77’s immense presence. That, and its girth, should mean that this Aston Martin requires no less than its own car port in a very large good-class bungalow.

Under the hood, there is a front mid-mounted 7.3-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine. It pumps out an amazing 760hp and 750 Newton-metres of torque. Mated to a six-speed automated manual transmission, it will take less than 3.5 seconds to zip from zero to 100 kmh on the way to a top speed of 320 kmh. Apart from this dry-sumped masterpiece, the engine compartment is also notable for its swathes of carbon fibre braces.

But it is in the cabin where the design details are most impressive. It literally starts at the aluminium door. On the outside, take note of the mirror housing – it is part of the whole door. This one-piece design incorporates the entire door mirror unit including its slender arm.

To close the door, pull on the wide band of stitched leather. To open it, caress the sensuously shaped horn of milled aluminium. As you nestle into the firm sculpted seats, behold the intriguing organic form of the dashboard and lower centre console.

The entire interior looks like it was painstakingly carved out of a block of material that had been serendipitously composed of leather, aluminium, and carbon fibre.

At the back, there is another visual surprise. Under the almost horizontal rear windscreen, there is a wonderful view of the pushroad-actuated suspension with adaptive ride height. Just behind it, a rear spoiler lies concealed within the rear deck, waiting to be deployed at high speed.

With all its technology and stylishly rendered touches, the Aston Martin One-77 is an automotive extravagance. Whether No 68 turns out to be an auspicious car or not, there is no doubt that whoever gets to buy it is already very lucky.


Aston Martin One-77

Engine 7,312cc V12

Transmission 6-speed automated manual

Max power 760 hp @ 7,500 rpm

Max torque 750 Nm @ 5,000 rpm

0-100 kmh under 3.5 secs

Top speed 320 kmh Price over $5 million

Distributor Aston Martin Lagonda (SEA) 6862-5868