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Kia Seltos GT Line: Cool, compact crossover

Car Reviews | 8 Aug 2020

The Kia Seltos features sporty accents in its exterior and interior.

Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla Altis: Clash of the Japanese sedans

Car Reviews | 11 Apr 2020

The new Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla Altis prove that beige and boring no longer apply to bread-and-bu...

Uber's appeal over anti-competitive Grab merger dismissed, $6.58 million fine upheld

Uber appealed the $6.58 million fine it was given after its merger with Grab was deemed anti-competi... Read More

Motoring News | 14 Jan 2021

Train fault on North-South Line causes delay on Friday night

A train fault occured on the North-South Line late on Friday night, 8 January 2021, but it was clear... Read More

Motoring News | 11 Jan 2021

Tesla shows location of its first charger in Singapore

Tesla has released a map indicating the location of its first charger in Singapore, with the locatio... Read More

Motoring News | 11 Jan 2021

Some bus and train services to be extended on New Year's Eve

Some train and bus services will have their hours extended so as to cater for passengers who are hea... Read More

Motoring News | 24 Dec 2020

New bus terminal for Bukit Panjang opens on 23 January

A new bus terminal for Bukit Panjang will be opening on 23 January 2021, and it is built on the roof... Read More

Motoring News | 4 Jan 2021

TPE slip road towards Loyang Avenue affected by landslip partially reopened

A TPE slip road leading to Loyang Avenue has been partially reopened after being closed due to a lan... Read More

Motoring News | 5 Jan 2021

KL-Singapore High Speed Rail terminated as both sides fail to reach agreement

The KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project has been terminated after both sides were unable to reach a... Read More

Motoring News | 4 Jan 2021

Increase for Cat B and E while Cat A sees minor drop

In the second Certificate of Entitlement bidding round for December, Cat B and Cat E premiums rose w... Read More

Motoring Guides | 23 Dec 2020

Broken signalling cable led to six hour disruption on Downtown Line

A broken signalling cable has been identified as the cause of a six hour disruption on the Downtown ... Read More

Motoring News | 4 Jan 2021

Downtown Line hit by signalling fault during evening peak hour

The Downtown Line was hit by a signalling fault during the evening peak hour on 28/12/2020, causing ... Read More

Motoring News | 29 Dec 2020

COE Results

Jan 2021 Round 01
  • CAT A
  • $40,609
  • COE
  • $53
  • CAT B
  • $49,001
  • COE
  • $299
  • CAT C
  • $35,900
  • COE
  • $699
  • CAT E
  • $49,489
  • COE
  • $11