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Kia Seltos GT Line: Cool, compact crossover

Car Reviews | 8 Aug 2020

The Kia Seltos features sporty accents in its exterior and interior.

Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla Altis: Clash of the Japanese sedans

Car Reviews | 11 Apr 2020

The new Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla Altis prove that beige and boring no longer apply to bread-and-bu...

NETS launches the NETS Motoring Card

The new NETS Motoring card is the new CashCard for all carpark and ERP payments, and is compliant wi... Read More

Motoring News | 30 Mar 2021

Tightened security checks kick off at selected MRT stations

Selected MRT stations began to have tightened security checks conducted at random with metal detecto... Read More

Motoring News | 1 Apr 2021

ERP rates to rise along the AYE and CTE

In response to increasing traffic volumes, ERP rates are set to go up along stretches of the AYE and... Read More

Motoring News | 5 Apr 2021

COE premiums rise across all categories, CAT B now highest since 2017

In the first Certificate of Entitlement bidding round for April, COE premiums rose across all car ca... Read More

Motoring News | 7 Apr 2021

NEA to lower vehicle noise limits

The NEA will lower vehicle noise limits from April 2023, in line with United Nations noise standards... Read More

Motoring News | 7 Apr 2021

Mobil's Super 3000 All-In-One Protection premium engine oil now available

Mobil has launched its new premium range of Super 3000 All-in-One Protection synthetic engine oil in... Read More

Motoring News | 29 Mar 2021

Public electric vehicle charging point tender draws 19 bids

A tender for public electric vehicle charging points has drawn 19 bids, with the winning bid to buil... Read More

Motoring News | 1 Apr 2021

First public buses with solar panels on trial with Go-Ahead for six months

Go-Ahead will be running two buses fitted with solar panels on a six-month trial, with the panels ex... Read More

Motoring News | 30 Mar 2021

SBS Transit gets monetary reward for high rail reliability

SBS Transit operates the North-East Line and Downtown Line, and these two lines had the highest reli... Read More

Motoring News | 1 Apr 2021

Two contracts to construct four stations for the Jurong Region Line awarded

The contracts awarded to construct the four stations will be part of the Jurong Regional Line's thir... Read More

Motoring News | 6 Apr 2021

COE Results

Apr 2021 Round 01
  • CAT A
  • $45,600
  • COE
  • $1,011
  • CAT B
  • $52,309
  • COE
  • $5,308
  • CAT C
  • $36,134
  • COE
  • $3,455
  • CAT E
  • $52,200
  • COE
  • $4,394