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Showroom(s) Hotline Direction Info
210 Turf Club Road Lot A40 Car Mall @ The Grandstand 97224725 Getting There
Packages & Information

High trade-in for your existing car

No gimmicks & hidden costs

Lowest interest rates

Basic package comes with
(a) 1/2 year road tax,
(b) 5 years warranty or 100,000km whichever comes first by:-
(1) J K S Motorworks
(c) Leather seats and side panels (Selected models)
(d) Pioneer AVH 285BT head unit
(e) Rear camera on screen
(f) New IU Unit & Solar Film
(g) Reverse sensor alert

At no extra charges
T & C applies

Vehicles For Sale

Pricing scheme
1) Price : 4 bid guaranteed COE, Cat A at $46K rebate at $43K, Cat B at $46K rebate at $45K.
2) Other Packages : 2 bid guaranteed COE without top-ups.