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East-West Line hit by second glitch in 3 days

Train journeys on the MRT's East-West Line were delayed during the morning peak hour yesterday, the second major incident in three days

Motoring News | 22 Oct 2016

Train fault on East-West Line causes delays on Friday morning

A train fault that occured on the East-West Line on Friday (21st October) morning at around 7:00am caused delays from Queenstown to Jurong East stations

Motoring News | 21 Oct 2016

Start-up puts brakes on self-driving trials after accident

Start-up nuTonomy has put its tests of driverless cars on hold following an accident involving one of its vehicles on Tuesday

Motoring News | 21 Oct 2016

Face-reading system can replace fare cards

Singapore Technologies (ST) Electronics has developed a facial recognition system that can identify commuters as they pass through the fare gates

Motoring News | 21 Oct 2016

Start-up planning e-scooter rental scheme

Telepod's programme is similar to a bicycle-sharing system

Motoring News | 21 Oct 2016

Driverless buses in 2018: Rigorous trials before self-driving buses hit the road

According to researchers, self-driving buses will be put through rigorous trials before they are allowed on the road in 2018

Motoring News | 20 Oct 2016

Tunnel works: LTA to get conservation specialist's report on Ellison Building

The Land Transport Authority will engage a conservation specialist to minimise the impact of upcoming tunnel works on the historical Ellison Building

Motoring News | 20 Oct 2016

Golden Shoe Carpark building to be redeveloped as office tower

Revamped place to have a hawker centre; tower may be one of the tallest in the area

Motoring News | 20 Oct 2016

COE prices for small cars, commercial vehicles fall

At the end of October's second Certificate of Entitlement bidding exercise, there is a drop in premiums for small cars and commercial vehicles

Motoring News | 20 Oct 2016

Drink-driving accidents, casualties and arrests down in first half of 2016: Traffic Police

Traffic Police statistics show that there have been fewer drink-driving related accidents, casualties, and arrests in the first half of this year

Motoring News | 20 Oct 2016