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MAS lifts car loan restrictions

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has eased restrictions on motor vehicle loans, increasing the maximum loan amount and loan tenure

Motoring News | 26 May 2016

Scheme takes safe cycling message to schools

It will also be piloted at foreign worker dorms and community centres, before public roll-out

Motoring News | 26 May 2016

Start-up testing self-driving cars in Singapore gets US$16 million funding boost

Singapore and U.S.A-based start-up nuTonomy, gets US$16 million (S$22 million) in funding for the testing of its self-driving vehicles

Motoring News | 25 May 2016

Lower ERP rates at 23 gantries, shorter VEP hours during June school holidays

Lower ERP rates at selected roads and expressways, and shorter VEP operating hours during the upcoming June school holidays

Motoring News | 23 May 2016

Former railway land to be used for bus interchange

Terminal and carpark will move from current site at SGH to make way for surgery centre

Motoring News | 23 May 2016

Fast Lane: Funky Volvos on the horizon, Audi grooms future drivers, Dual-clutch transmission for Mercedes-Benz Citan

Volvo Cars has revealed the 40-series concept models, offering a glimpse of its future compact models

Motoring News | 21 May 2016

SMRT to use solar power for Bishan Depot

Singapore's first and largest rail depot, the Bishan Depot, is set to run on solar power by the end of October 2016

Motoring News | 20 May 2016

SMRT, NTU set up $60 million lab to improve rail reliability

Rail operator SMRT and Nanyang Technological University have set up a $60 million joint lab with the aim of improving rail reliability

Motoring News | 20 May 2016

Traffic Police to deploy new speed laser cameras

The Traffic Police will deploy a more powerful speed laser camera at 44 speeding hotspots from Thursday, the 19th of May

Motoring News | 19 May 2016

Traffic Police adds black bikes for enforcement operations against errant motorists

As part of its enhanced enforcement operations against errant motorists, the Traffic Police have added black motorcycles to its fleet

Motoring News | 19 May 2016