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Infiniti Q50 Red Sport: Cold comfort

Infiniti's fastest and most powerful sedan fails to raise temperatures, but delivers plenty of comfort and refinement

Infiniti Reviews | 14 Jan 2017

Diesel X5 with wider appeal

The BMW X5 xDrive25d M Sport may entice car buyers with its performance, equipment level and lower operating costs

BMW Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Bull run

Driving Lamborghini's oldest and newest supercars is a treat for the senses

Lamborghini Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Another hit Opel

Mokka X is the German brand's encore to the award-winning Astra

Opel Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Safe Six

The facelifted Mazda 6 comes with a host of electronic driving aids which help keep it on the straight and narrow

Mazda Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

EV unplugged

Nissan Note e-Power operates like an electric vehicle that does not need to be plugged in

Nissan Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Punchy Pulsar

Nissan's long-absent family hatch makes a thrilling comeback

Nissan Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Appealing duo

The M140i five-door hatchback and M240i convertible are the newest 3-litre models from BMW's performance division

BMW Reviews | 24 Dec 2016

BMW 540i: A tech geek's dream car

From gesture control to wireless smartphone integration, the BMW 540i is loaded with high-tech features

BMW Reviews | 17 Dec 2016

Lexus LC best drive in its class

The Lexus LC is a well-engineered coupe that turns heads

Reviews | 17 Dec 2016

Anti-Drink Drive Campaign