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Blast from the past

Volkswagen's latest Beetle Cabriolet takes you back in time in style and comfort

Volkswagen Reviews | 11 Mar 2017

Almost like a human

Mercedes' E300 has a semi-autonomous system that behaves almost like a human with decent driving skills

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 11 Mar 2017

Cute and functional

Audi's Q2 offers performance and practicality in a small, sleek package

Audi Reviews | 4 Mar 2017

Gadgets galore

BMW's latest 5-series delivers a heady blend of driveability, cushiness and new technology

BMW Reviews | 4 Mar 2017

New Mazda CX-5 is a user-friendly ride

With improved ride and handling, the second-generation Mazda CX-5 feels even more European than the first one

Mazda Reviews | 4 Mar 2017

Lighter and breezier

Land Rover's new Discovery sheds 480kg and will be available with 2-litre engines

Land Rover Reviews | 4 Mar 2017

Drive topless in style

Mazda's new hard-top convertible provides more comfort and amenities

Mazda Reviews | 25 Feb 2017

Dishy French fare

Renault's latest Megane sedan has plenty of presence, chock-full of features and a super-soft ride

Renault Reviews | 25 Feb 2017

More grin than green

Porsche's Panamera 4 E-Hybrid delivers more performance than efficiency

Porsche Reviews | 25 Feb 2017

Volkswagen's facelifted Golf continues to do what it does best

Volkswagen puts a bigger engine and more gadgets in Golf's facelift

Volkswagen Reviews | 18 Feb 2017