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National Day Rally 2017: Coupon-free parking with new mobile app from Oct

Just key in the vehicle number, carpark and parking duration to pay on per-minute basis

Motoring News | 21 Aug 2017

Revamped four-door Maserati is beautiful and made for speed

The Maserati Quattroporte is a luxe barge that demands driving dedication

Car Reviews | 19 Aug 2017

Sporty and practical

BMW's facelifted 420i Gran Coupe dishes out a more generous helping of sportiness at no expense to comfort

Car Reviews | 19 Aug 2017

Fast Lane: Infiniti reveals Prototype 9


Motoring News | 19 Aug 2017

Signalling fault causes delays on North-South Line and Downtown Line during Friday morning peak hour

Commuters were hit by another round of train delays early Friday morning following a two-hour delay during the evening peak hour the day before

Motoring News | 18 Aug 2017

Uber fixes all fire-prone Honda Vezels in Singapore

All of Uber's 1,220 faulty Honda Vezels have been recalled and have had their fire-prone parts replaced, according to the Land Transport Authority

Motoring News | 18 Aug 2017

LTA reports decal-modifying service

The LTA has lodged a police report against a Carousell user offering to modify decals used by private-hire drivers so they can be removed

Motoring News | 18 Aug 2017

LTA developing system to detect track anomalies

Details emerge at inquiry into death of cook who fell onto tracks and was struck by trains

Motoring News | 17 Aug 2017

More help at MRT station for elderly, people with disabilities

Designated areas at Outram Park station where they can wait to get help from people to move around

Motoring News | 15 Aug 2017

Bargains up, car stock down with stiffer emissions rules

In 2 weeks, dealers allowed to sell only petrol cars that meet Euro 6 emissions standards

Motoring News | 15 Aug 2017