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Super sedan

Car Reviews | 21 Jul 2014

Audi's S8 is a deliriously fast limo that makes you want to go slow

A hotter hybrid

Car Reviews | 21 Jul 2014

The Lexus CT200h gets a makeover and sportier handling

Malay man 'on his way to break fast' killed in accident

Motoring News | 21 Jul 2014

A cyclist, believed to be a Malay man in his 70s on his way to break fast, was killed last night whe... Read More

SMRT fined $1.6 million for four train disruptions

Motoring News | 22 Jul 2014

SBS Transit gets $50,000 fine for one incident resulting in power trip Read More

Fast Lane

Motoring News | 21 Jul 2014

Mercedes' answer to the Bentley Continental GT and Rolls-Royce Wraith comes in the form of the S65 A... Read More

June 2014 Monthly Analysis: Overhaul of the public bus service system

Motoring Guides | 5 Jun 2014

In this month's analysis advice, we take a look at how the revamp of our public bus system will affe... Read More

Flying car on the market

Motoring News | 21 Jul 2014

Parajet International is seeking customers for its SkyRunner flying car at the Farnborough airshow i... Read More

Catch it on your car camera

Motoring Guides | 26 May 2014

Given how affordable most car cameras are, motorists are fixing them front, back and centre in their... Read More

June 2014: Five things you didn't know about turbocharging

Motoring Guides | 12 Jun 2014

This month, we uncover five things about turbocharging - the act of forcing extra air into the combu... Read More

Transport Ministry 'concerned' Johor targeting S'pore motorists

Motoring News | 21 Jul 2014

Singapore's Ministry of Transport has expressed concern that Malaysia is targeting Singaporean motor... Read More

Going the extra mile

Motoring News | 21 Jul 2014

How does Toyota's Prius fare as a cab? Better than expected, actually Read More

Bugatti may build hybrid

Motoring News | 21 Jul 2014

Supercar maker has developed blueprint for two-door follow-up model to limited-series Veyron Read More