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Range Rover Velar: An SUV from the future

Car Reviews | 14 Oct 2017

Range Rover's Velar is here to save mankind from mundane, mud-slinging sport utility vehicles

BMW's 330e iPerformance: Hybrid steeped in tradition

Car Reviews | 14 Oct 2017

BMW's 330e iPerformance is a sporty sedan with enviable green credentials

Pumps at all MRT tunnels checked after rail disruption

SMRT studying ways to beef up system after faulty switch led to tunnel flooding

Motoring News | 10 Oct 2017

Hands-free MRT fare gates to be tested at some stations

Trial next year may be at stations near centres for the disabled and estates with many senior reside... Read More

Motoring News | 13 Oct 2017

NSL disruption: Water pumping system malfunction at Bishan MRT station caused tunnel to fl...

A malfunction in the water pumping system at Bishan MRT station caused rainwater to collect in the M... Read More

Motoring News | 9 Oct 2017

Bus speeds up with drive to improve journeys

Longer bus lane hours and steps to raise awareness show results

Motoring News | 7 Oct 2017

Baicycle - a different spin on bike-sharing

Dockless service, to debut by year end, will include e-bikes and e-scooters by next year

Motoring News | 12 Oct 2017

50 Volvo hybrid buses to be rolled out

The Land Transport Authority will roll out 50 Volvo hybrid buses, in an effort to build a more envir... Read More

Motoring News | 12 Oct 2017

LTA acts to ease worries over some road crossings

It also urges motorists and pedestrians to do their part to avoid accidents

Motoring News | 16 Oct 2017

Jaywalking accidents up 21% in first half of year, 30% involving elderly pedestrians

The number of accidents involving jaywalking pedestrians rose by 21 per cent in the first half of th... Read More

Motoring News | 11 Oct 2017

ComfortDelgro loses 3,000 drivers to Grab

Grab claims it has signed up over 3,000 ComfortDelgro cabbies, with most switching to private-hire c... Read More

Motoring News | 7 Oct 2017

SMRT replaces maintenance director after flooding incident on North-South Line

Rail operator SMRT has replaced a senior executive in charge of maintenance and systems

Motoring News | 12 Oct 2017

COE Results

Oct 2017 Round 01
  • CAT A
  • $41,761
  • COE
  • $1,141
  • CAT B
  • $48,109
  • COE
  • $1,080
  • CAT C
  • $48,902
  • COE
  • $2,012
  • CAT E
  • $49,000
  • COE
  • $12