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Car Reviews | 20 Apr 2015

Honda's new MPV may not look like much but it triumphs in functionality and efficiency

Contemporary Carens

Car Reviews | 20 Apr 2015

Kia's compact MPV returns as car prices are set to dip with more COEs

Bus interchanges, terminal to be expanded

Motoring News | 23 Apr 2015

East Coast, Hougang Central, Punggol facilities near full capacity, says LTA Read More

Car Glossary

Motoring Guides | 18 Nov 2014

Basic car terminologies that you should know Read More

August 2014 Monthly Analysis: LTA to implement dyno as part of roadworthy test

Motoring Guides | 7 Aug 2014

In this month's analysis advice, we take a look at how LTA will include dyno as part of the roadwort... Read More

August 2014: Five things you didn't know about Polestar

Motoring Guides | 5 Aug 2014

This month, we uncover five things about Polestar - the official performance partner of Volvo who ru... Read More

New app concept crowd-sources demand, lets users create own bus routes

Motoring News | 25 Apr 2015

Commuters who want to make a beeline straight to their destinations, with little or no stops en rout... Read More

LTA to install more sensors to monitor tremors

Motoring News | 23 Apr 2015

Tremor monitoring systems will be installed at 18 transport structures across the island Read More

NTU tie-up puts out electric taxi for the tropics

Motoring News | 25 Apr 2015

Meet EVA, believed to be the world's first electric taxi designed for the tropics, and the first car... Read More

COE prices stay high ahead of supply spike

Motoring News | 23 Apr 2015

Certificate of entitlement (COE) prices ended mostly higher in the latest tender yesterday Read More

Train and bus services extended on the eve of Labour Day

Motoring News | 24 Apr 2015

Next Thursday, the eve of Labour Day, SBS transit will be extending the operating hours of its train... Read More

Faster MRT rides on North-South Line by end-April after sleepers replaced

Motoring News | 25 Apr 2015

Work to replace sleepers on the North-South Line (NSL) will be completed by the end of this month, a... Read More