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August 2014 Monthly Analysis: LTA to implement dyno as part of roadworthy test

Motoring Guides | 7 Aug 2014

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McLaren moving to new home soon

Motoring News | 27 Apr 2015

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SMRT apologises for Bukit Panjang LRT breakdown

Motoring News | 29 Apr 2015

The Bukit Panjang LRT system, which broke down earlier this evening, has resumed service, operator S... Read More

Fewer fatal traffic accidents in first quarter

Motoring News | 28 Apr 2015

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Dislodged train part caused LRT breakdown

Motoring News | 30 Apr 2015

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Heavy traffic expected at checkpoints over Labour Day weekend

Motoring News | 29 Apr 2015

The Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority has warned travellers to expect delays at the land chec... Read More

ERP rates at four locations in Singapore will be raised from Monday, May 4

Motoring News | 28 Apr 2015

In its latest quarterly review, the Land Transport Authority said car drivers passing gantries along... Read More