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King of the mull

Car Reviews | 29 Jul 2014

Bentley's revised GT Speed makes light work of hilly Scottish roads

Crossover cachet

Car Reviews | 29 Jul 2014

Nissan's new Qashqai is stylish and highly equipped, if a tad thirsty

Enjoy live music while you wait for the train

Motoring News | 29 Jul 2014

Commuters can expect to be entertained while waiting for trains over the next three months, as a tri... Read More

New ERP gantries on AYE start charging from Aug 4

Motoring News | 30 Jul 2014

Motorists using the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) will incur higher costs from Aug 4 as four new elect... Read More

Heavy rain causes flash floods in Singapore

Motoring News | 30 Jul 2014

Heavy rain battered Singapore yesterday afternoon, toppling trees and causing flash floods and accid... Read More

Catch it on your car camera

Motoring Guides | 26 May 2014

Given how affordable most car cameras are, motorists are fixing them front, back and centre in their... Read More

June 2014 Monthly Analysis: Overhaul of the public bus service system

Motoring Guides | 5 Jun 2014

In this month's analysis advice, we take a look at how the revamp of our public bus system will affe... Read More

Last 3 Thomson Line contracts awarded

Motoring News | 29 Jul 2014

Construction is in 'full swing'; line set to open in phases from 2019 to 2021 Read More

June 2014: Five things you didn't know about turbocharging

Motoring Guides | 12 Jun 2014

This month, we uncover five things about turbocharging - the act of forcing extra air into the combu... Read More

Levy on Singapore-registered cars entering Johor to be capped at "not more than RM50", says minister

Motoring News | 29 Jul 2014

A Malaysian minister has said the government will cap the levy for Singapore-registered vehicles ent... Read More

SMRT 'care stickers' for those who need train seat

Motoring News | 29 Jul 2014

Pregnant women, senior citizens or other passengers who need to sit can now ask for "care stick... Read More

17 arrested for drink driving in islandwide op

Motoring News | 29 Jul 2014

One feigned an asthma attack. Another ate a sweet to delay the test. But all their efforts were futi... Read More