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A fresher face

Car Reviews | 13 Apr 2015

The Toyota Camry gets a makeover for a slightly sportier look

No barrier to Harrier

Car Reviews | 13 Apr 2015

The Toyota Harrier has sped up to become one of the most popular parallel imports

More taxi drivers caught stopping illegally for passengers

Motoring News | 18 Apr 2015

The use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras on the roads has led to more taxi drivers gettin... Read More

Car Glossary

Motoring Guides | 18 Nov 2014

Basic car terminologies that you should know Read More

August 2014 Monthly Analysis: LTA to implement dyno as part of roadworthy test

Motoring Guides | 7 Aug 2014

In this month's analysis advice, we take a look at how LTA will include dyno as part of the roadwort... Read More

Tighter carbon emission scheme seen keeping car prices up

Motoring News | 18 Apr 2015

Despite a big spike in COE supply, most dealers don't expect premiums to head south Read More

Commuters upset over premium bus

Motoring News | 16 Apr 2015

Smaller than usual bus deployed meant some passengers left stranded Read More

LTA calls for tender to run second package of bus routes

Motoring News | 16 Apr 2015

A second tender to operate bus services under the government contracting model was called by the Lan... Read More

Errant used-car dealer 'back in business'

Motoring News | 18 Apr 2015

Firm accused of putting car up for sale without taking over ownership Read More

Less travel time, more sleep for pupils

Motoring News | 18 Apr 2015

Premium fee for school bus service is worth it: Parents Read More

August 2014: Five things you didn't know about Polestar

Motoring Guides | 5 Aug 2014

This month, we uncover five things about Polestar - the official performance partner of Volvo who ru... Read More

App to tell commuters if bus is packed

Motoring News | 16 Apr 2015

Commuters will now know in advance if the bus they are waiting for will have seats available or is c... Read More