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Fun electric choice

Car Reviews | 20 Dec 2014

The BMW i3, earth-friendly from engine to cabin materials, is a truly lovable urban runabout, warts ...

On the right Line

Car Reviews | 13 Dec 2014

The Renault Megane GT-Line gets a chassis tuned by Renault Sport

Luxe cars for less

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2014

To counter slowing sales, firm offers to buy over high-end cars and then lease them back to owners Read More

Fast Lane

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2014

Behold the new Audi Q7, up to 325kg lighter and around 26 per cent more fuel efficient Read More

Countdown to Car of the Year

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2014

Ten cars have made it to the final shortlist for the Car of the Year award to be given out next week Read More

Invest in classic cars?

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2014

London index shows these assets appreciating the most among nine categories of collectibles over a d... Read More

August 2014: Five things you didn't know about Polestar

Motoring Guides | 5 Aug 2014

This month, we uncover five things about Polestar - the official performance partner of Volvo who ru... Read More

Car Glossary

Motoring Guides | 18 Nov 2014

Basic car terminologies that you should know Read More

August 2014 Monthly Analysis: LTA to implement dyno as part of roadworthy test

Motoring Guides | 7 Aug 2014

In this month's analysis advice, we take a look at how LTA will include dyno as part of the roadwort... Read More

M'sia to charge RM20 for foreign-registered vehicles coming from Singapore

Motoring News | 22 Dec 2014

Foreign-registered vehicles bound for Johor Bahru from Singapore will have to pay RM20 (S$7.60) in v... Read More

Hand-built racing car does century sprint in 2.8 seconds

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2014

It is the world's only legal on-road single-seat racing car able to go from zero to 100kmh in just 2... Read More

Number of road rage cases on the decline: police

Motoring News | 22 Dec 2014

53 reports made in first nine months of this year, down from 71 last year Read More