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Green, mean speeding machine

Car Reviews | 22 Aug 2015

Porsche offers great power with great responsibility in the Cayenne S E-Hybrid

Shooting star

Car Reviews | 22 Aug 2015

The new CLA250 Shooting Brake station wagon from Mercedes-Benz not only looks nicer than its notchba...

Fast Lane - New C-class Coupe, Audi's e-crossover, Next Sportage crossover

New Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe promises a drive as delectable as it looks

Motoring News | 22 Aug 2015

Yet another Honda car stolen in Johor Baru; 3rd such incident in less than a week

A Honda Fit has beeing reported stolen in Johor Bahru, the third such case in the space of a week

Motoring News | 15 Aug 2015

Soldiers may help manage crowds in rail disruptions

LTA says it has approached SAF to explore deploying troops in large-scale breakdowns

Motoring News | 21 Aug 2015

22-year-old woman arrested in Balestier carpark accident involving 8 cars

Police have arrested a 22-year-old woman in connection to carpark accident involving eight cars

Motoring News | 17 Aug 2015

LTA gets greater control over bus services

New Bus Services Industry Bill passed in parliament grants LTA more powers to manage public bus oper... Read More

Motoring News | 19 Aug 2015

More trunk bus services during rail disruptions

Trunk bus services calling at MRT stations to be ramped up during rail disruptions

Motoring News | 18 Aug 2015

Ways to help seniors enjoy a smoother ride

LTA testing coloured markings, larger and better-placed signs, bigger fonts, electronic screens with... Read More

Motoring News | 21 Aug 2015

Jurong Region Line may be extended to join Circle Line

Engineering studies being done; extension would give residents in the west another way to get to CBD

Motoring News | 26 Aug 2015

Car veers out of control, 7 vehicles in carpark damaged

22-year-old woman suspected to be driver of the car causing an eight car accident is arrested

Motoring News | 18 Aug 2015

Drivers flout rules on road near Changi's T5 worksite

Heavy vehicle drivers caught speeding and making illegal U-turns in Changi Coast Road

Motoring News | 25 Aug 2015

COE Results

Aug 2015 Round 02
  • CAT A
  • $57,498
  • COE
  • $1,289
  • CAT B
  • $62,140
  • COE
  • $1,351
  • CAT C
  • $46,501
  • COE
  • $2,801
  • CAT E
  • $61,001
  • COE
  • $3,116